Christ’s Light at the University of Delaware

From Alex:

Some of you may remember one of our Blue Hen students who became a Christian at UD, though being raised in an atheistic home. Seemingly from the moment she first heard the good news about Jesus, she’s always amazed me with her willingness to share this truth with others on campus. If there are things she doesn’t understand about Christianity, she’s always motivated to ask questions and learn more with our Christian organization so that she can better “make a defense for the hope that is in [her]”. This past fall semester she actively participated in a weekly group viewing of the Truth Project by Focus on the Family to better understand the Christian worldview and how to articulate it to others in her life at at the University of Delaware.

Over the winter break, she spent 5 weeks in Tanzania and Kenya on a study abroad trip with the University of Delaware’s nursing program. While there, she had opportunities to share her faith and serve mothers and babies in the delivery room. I’m encouraged by her and our other Blue Hen students who view themselves as ambassadors of Christ wherever they go in this great, beautiful world that God has created.

Now with the virus, her preparations for graduation as a nursing student and finding a job are a little uncertain but we know God is going to bless her in some great way. We know nurses are critical servants in our country right now and know that this student’s presence in that workforce someday soon will be a tremendous addition!  Though she will be missed at our Christian club, please pray for her to be Christ’s light to her Blue Hen classmates online (#UDatHome) as they head towards graduation and pray for God to find her the best job both for her and the kingdom.