Don’t be Shy, We have a Mission!

From Alex:

The semester has officially started, and I was blessed with a proud moment during our first Tuesday dinner. One of our students that I invested in a lot during her first few years at BHC, facilitated one of her first small groups after dinner and she did a fantastic job! When she and I first started meeting together in 2017, she was quite shy and anxious about sharing her faith. It has been totally amazing to watch her serve as our club secretary, start investing in new students, facilitate group discussions, and end our discussion time with heartfelt prayer. She shared recently how she’s learned that even though she is an introvert and can be nervous talking to new people, she too could be used by God to make disciples.

One of our primary goals at BHC is to see the students we’re discipling actively work to make disciples of others. I find it incredibly encouraging to see students like her working hard, dying to themselves, and being transformed by Jesus. He’s not asking us to be perfect, He’s asking us to trust Him and His power to change hearts and lives. God is so good!