Flat Tire Evangelism

From Casey:

I have studied the gospel of Mark with my Chinese friend Xu almost every week since October. About a month ago, we unfortunately had to move our studies online because of the virus. As I’m sure we’re all starting to feel, online communication is adequate, but it simply isn’t as fulfilling as meeting in person. Last week I was headed to the campus house to do our online study when Xu texted me. His tire sensor light had come on, and he asked me what to do. I thought the tire might just be low on air, so I was planning to help him filled it back up with the little compressor I had. However, when I arrived, he had blown out the side wall of his tire when he hit the curb! Now, I have only changed a tire 1-2 times in my life, but I went to work. He was surprised to learn that the spare was hiding in his trunk. I quickly figured out how to get the tire off and decided he needed some experience as well. As the saying goes, “Teach someone to fish,” right? In the picture you can see him tightening the lug nuts. We drove to a tire store and got him headed in the right direction again. I was thankful I could be his advocate at the store just to make sure he was treated fairly.

I was so thankful that on this day, when I’ve had so little human contact outside of my immediate family, I could be in Xu’s presence and serve him and bless him. It was great that God had a divine appointment for me that day, and I was able to make the most of it. Maybe more than any particular Bible study, Xu will remember that I came to his aid when he was anxious and unsure what to do next. I love that I got to train him a little bit too! Someday I hope this evangelism will turn to discipleship and Xu will be my brother in Christ training someone else in the ways of Jesus…and maybe even helping them with a flat tire. Pray with me for that day!

Grace and Peace,