Giving Tuesday

This is a day for followers of Christ to unite in God’s mission and give in response to what is happening in the USA and throughout the world.  Recently, our Asian alumni united with our American nursing students to provide thousands of masks and other PPE. These are being distributed to areas most needed, such as a local nursing home hard hit with COVID-19, nursing stations at the local hospital, and neighborhoods populated by especially vulnerable individuals. What a unique opportunity to allow God’s glory to Reflect through us! We continue to equip our students and others to allow God’s glory to Reflect through us not just in outreach but in generosity, compassion, and strength with Him as our tower.

Though things have changed the mission is the same and continues through the work set before us. We persevere in training up ministry planters and preparing new potential planters through working with existing churches and amazing servants of God.  We are more than ever helping other ministries to move their work to focus on investing in and outreaching to others more personally online. Using tools like Google Meet allows instant captions for international students and we are now working with our international students who have moved back home.  We are preparing to post 2 new apprentice opportunities soon so that when we are able, we have raised up workers for new campuses.

Student leaders are being developed even better at UD through online discipleship groups for both students and alumni.  Casey is leading as president of the Campus for Christ group (over 100 campus ministries) helping to better equip these ministries on working with their students through stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, as well as usage of technology in ministry, and so much more. Casey has also been sharing how Christ used solitude to grow closer to the Father and encouraging us to follow that example while we have this unprecedented opportunity to do so.

Please be in prayer for the students and alumni living out Christ during this time. Pray for the BHC / Reflect staff as we boldly adapt and continue the mission while at the same time serving the immediate needs and providing comfort during these stressful times.  And if you are able consider making a gift tomorrow at Your gift will help serve both the students through this pandemic as well as help us seize the unique opportunity to continue to train and equip other.