Returning to the Battlefield at UD

It has been a full year since Casey Coston moved to Delaware to assume the position of campus minister at Blue Hens for Christ. This gave Rusty the opportunity to transition to the role of Campus Missions Planting. As Campus Missions Planter, Rusty has been focusing on recruiting, training, and planting new outreach and disciple-based missions throughout the U.S. This transition has been of course complicated by the ongoing pandemic, but God has provided for our ministries and is using them to growing his kingdom! 

For the next two years, Casey is joined by two apprentices who will focus on growing God’s kingdom by transforming lives for Christ and developing disciples and leaders on the campus of the University of Delaware, both in person and online. Both of these young men are from the midwest and have experienced some culture shock but are eager to jump into the work of Blue Hens for Christ. Our prayer is that they might become closer with their heavenly Father, and grow as leaders themselves so they can go and plant vibrant campus missions two years from now.

The BHC Team is also joined by a returning University of Delaware alumni – Jeremy! It has been a pleasure watching Jeremy grow over the past 5 years. We believe he is uniquely equipped to touch the lives of Internationals and Americans alike. 

This year brings new challenges that have forced our ministry to quickly adapt. As you may have heard, the University of Delaware is switching to a hybrid model of schooling for the Fall semester. The majority of classes will be exclusively online, and only about four to five thousand students will be returning to campus. But despite this, we have ongoing Bible studies from connections made during the summer. Multiple remote Bibles with international students that have returned to their countries of origin are also in progress, and growing. It is a joy to see past and current students stepping up to more passionately live out their faith during this chaotic time. We believe that God will continue to place His people in the path of those who are struggling with anxiety and stress so we can help guide them to His glory!

Keep the Blue Hens ministry and the students of the University of Delaware in your prayers as we return to the field!