Sending out Disciples – UD Graduation 2020

Hello Friends! Alex and Casey here with an update on our ministry!

Despite the pandemic keeping BHC from meeting in person, we haven’t been prevented from preparing something special for our graduating seniors. Recently, we used our Tuesday night meeting to have an intimate “Senior Send-off ” Zoom meeting to commemorate several of our students graduating from UD. Although every Spring graduation is a bittersweet occasion, this year in particular is extra meaningful for me (Alex) because the group of students who are graduating were all freshman during my first semester as a minister at BHC. I’ve known most of these students through their entire time in college and have gotten to see first-hand the impact that knowing Jesus has had on their lives.

Casey says that this Zoom meeting was the best he ever had and felt like a little bit of heaven on earth – a bright light in the darkness of the world. It was filled with nostalgia and noticing the ways that the students had all been transformed by the love of Christ. 

When God works in a person’s life, it’s not just the individual themselves who is impacted, but also the people around them who witness their transformation. As a minister to these students, it has been my job to invest in them and help them grow in Christ. Doing so has also changed me for the better. I am blessed that BHC has given me the platform to walk with so many great students and be encouraged regularly by God’s transformative power and love. I am also incredibly grateful to our sponsors and volunteers who create the environments for these things to take place. There would be no BHC without you all, thank you!

 Please keep God’s work at the University of Delaware in your prayers!