Thanksgiving and Praise

On November 4th, the famed apologists Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray came to the University of Delaware and delivered a talk titled “Are Spiritual Truths Exclusive?”. UD’s multipurpose room was packed with around 1000 students and locals. I recognized many Christians I knew from my years in campus ministry, but I also saw a ton of agnostic, atheist, and internationals from other religious backgrounds that BHC has worked with in the past. It was amazing to see them at the event, listening intently as Ravi and Abdu spoke about the exclusivity of the gospel claim – that salvation can be found in no one other than Jesus Christ. It’s a bold message that our campus and the world needs to hear. I’m grateful to serve as a missionary through BHC and I’m hopeful that the Holy Spirit will use the words that were spoken by Ravi and Abdu to stir hearts and fuel many spiritual conversations with students for a long time!